Joshua Paskowitz


HOMETOWN: San Clemente, California

Nickname: Posh- when I was young we all lived on the street and I always found a way to keep up even though I didn’t have any resources. Kind of ironic I guess, that and the way I speak, I suppose.

GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT: It's definitely my Family. My Dad was my Best friend, my Paskowitz tribe and all that contains, its overwhelming, my wife Britt and our two kids Dorian and Amoret, that’s my purpose.

WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO BECOME AN ARTIST: My inspiration as an Artist comes from my upbringing in the Paskowitz surf family and the relationship I shared with.

MENTORS: I love learning and have taught myself everything from reading and writing on up. My dad never believed in sending us to school so we grew up on the beach most of the time, all over the world. At certain points in my Life some really special people made the difference for me.

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